These are the 60 people who died during the L.A. riots

By The First News App Tutorial
Name Date Type Address Age Gender Race
Cesar A. Aguilar Cesar A. Aguilar 1992-04-30 Officer involved shooting 2009 W. 6th St. 18 Male Latino
George Alvarez George Alvarez 1992-05-01 Not riot-related Main & College streets 42 Male Latino
Wilson Alvarez Wilson Alvarez 1992-05-23 Homicide 3100 Rosecrans Ave. 40 Male Latino
Brian E. Andrew Brian E. Andrew 1992-04-30 Officer involved shooting Rosecrans & Chester avenues 30 Male Black
Vivian Austin Vivian Austin 1992-05-03 Death 1600 W. 60th St. 87 Female Black
Franklin Benavidez Franklin Benavidez 1992-04-30 Officer involved shooting 4404 S. Western Ave. 27 Male Latino
Carol Benson Carol Benson 1992-05-02 Death Harbor Freeway near Slauson Avenue 42 Female Black
Patrick Bettan Patrick Bettan 1992-04-30 Homicide 2740 W. Olympic Blvd. 30 Male White
Hector Castro Hector Castro 1992-04-30 Homicide Vermont & Leeward avenues 49 Male Latino
Jerel L. Channell Jerel L. Channell 1992-04-30 Death Santa Monica Boulevard & Seward Street 26 Male Black
Gregory Davis Jr. Gregory Davis Jr. 1992-04-30 Homicide Vermont Avenue & 43rd Street 15 Male Black
John Doe #80 John Doe #80 1992-05-02 Homicide 5800 block of South Vermont Avenue Male White
Harry Doller Harry Doller 1992-05-01 Not riot-related 3500 block of Winslow Drive 56 Male White
Kevin J. Edwards Kevin J. Edwards 1992-04-30 Not riot-related 614 S. Locust Ave. 35 Male Black
Howard Epstein Howard Epstein 1992-04-30 Homicide Slauson & 7th avenues 45 Male White
Juana Espinosa Juana Espinosa 1992-05-02 Homicide 7608 S. Compton Ave. 65 Female Latino
Kevin A. Evanahen Kevin A. Evanahen 1992-05-01 Homicide Braddock Drive & Inglewood Boulevard 24 Male White
Jose L. Garcia Jose L. Garcia 1992-04-30 Not riot-related 1005 S. Fresno St. 15 Male Latino
Mark Garcia Mark Garcia 1992-04-30 Officer involved shooting 10700 block of Burin Avenue 15 Male Latino
Elias Garcia Rivera Elias Garcia Rivera 1992-12-16 Homicide 12834 Vanowen St. 32 Male Latino
Andreas Garnica Andreas Garnica 1992-04-30 Not riot-related 2034 W. Pico Blvd. 36 Male Latino
Meeker Gibson Meeker Gibson 1992-05-01 Homicide Holt & Loranne avenues 35 Male Black
Matthew D. Haines Matthew D. Haines 1992-04-30 Homicide Lemon Avenue & Pacific Coast Highway 32 Male White
Jimmie Harris Jimmie Harris 1992-04-29 Death Avalon Boulevard & Slauson Avenue 38 Male Black
DeAndre Harrison DeAndre Harrison 1992-04-30 Officer involved shooting Central Avenue & 112th Street 17 Male Black
Paul D. Horace Paul D. Horace 1992-05-01 Homicide 1439 E. Walnut 38 Male Black
Betty Jackson Betty Jackson 1992-05-01 Death Main & 51st streets 56 Female Black
Dennis Ray Jackson Dennis Ray Jackson 1992-04-30 Officer involved shooting 11322 Alvaro St. 38 Male Black
Tranh Lam Tranh Lam 1992-04-30 Homicide Willowbrook Avenue & Alondra Boulevard 25 Male Asian
Edward Song Lee Edward Song Lee 1992-04-30 Homicide Hobart Boulevard & 3rd Street 18 Male Asian
Frank D. Lopez Frank D. Lopez 1992-04-30 Homicide 16th Street & Central Avenue 36 Male Latino
Darnell R. Mallory Darnell R. Mallory 1992-04-30 Death Santa Monica Boulevard & Seward Street 18 Male Black
Lucie R. Maronian Lucie R. Maronian 1992-05-01 Homicide 1800 block of East New York Drive 51 Female White
Howard Eugene Martin Howard Eugene Martin 1992-05-03 Officer involved shooting near North Los Robles Avenue & Claremont Street 22 Male Black
Ira F. McCurry Ira F. McCurry 1992-04-30 Homicide Avalon Boulevard & 102nd Street 45 Male White
Alfred V. Miller Alfred V. Miller 1992-05-01 Homicide Florence Avenue & Cimarron Street 32 Male Black
Arturo C. Miranda Arturo C. Miranda 1992-04-29 Homicide 120th Street & Central Avenue 23 Male Latino
Suzanne R. Morgan Suzanne R. Morgan 1992-05-01 Not riot-related 2137 E. 115th St. 24 Female Black
Nissar Mustafa Nissar Mustafa 1992-08-12 Homicide 1601 S. Western Ave. 20 Male White
Ernest Neal Jr. Ernest Neal Jr. 1992-04-30 Homicide Western Avenue & 92nd Street 27 Male Black
Anthony Netherly Anthony Netherly 1992-04-30 Homicide San Pedro & 78th streets 21 Male Black
Charles W. Orebo Charles W. Orebo 1992-05-01 Officer involved shooting Florence Avenue & Flower Street 21 Male Black
Juanita Pettaway Juanita Pettaway 1992-04-30 Death Santa Monica Boulevard & Seward Street 37 Female Black
Juan A. Pineda Juan A. Pineda 1992-04-30 Homicide 4028 Santa Monica Blvd. 20 Male Latino
Hugo G. Ramirez Hugo G. Ramirez 1992-05-03 Not riot-related 12732 Bess St. 23 Male Latino
Aaron Ratinoff Aaron Ratinoff 1992-05-01 Homicide 11690 Gateway Blvd. 68 Male White
Victor R. Rivas Victor R. Rivas 1992-05-03 Officer involved shooting Pico Boulevard & Vermont Avenue 26 Male Latino
William Ross William Ross 1992-05-01 Homicide 2882 W. 9th St. 33 Male White
Juan V. Salgado Juan V. Salgado 1992-05-20 Homicide 3100 block of South Main Street 20 Male Latino
Imad Sharaf Imad Sharaf 1992-05-03 Not riot-related San Diego Freeway & San Fernando Mission Boulevard 31 Male Black
Jose Solorzano Jose Solorzano 1992-05-01 Homicide Vermont Avenue & Santa Monica Boulevard 25 Male Latino
George A. Sosa George A. Sosa 1992-04-30 Homicide 2600 block of Florence Avenue 20 Male Latino
Anthony J. Taylor Anthony J. Taylor 1992-04-30 Officer involved shooting 11322 Alvaro St. 31 Male Black
Dwight Taylor Dwight Taylor 1992-04-29 Homicide 4365 S. Vermont Ave. 42 Male Black
James L. Taylor James L. Taylor 1992-04-30 Homicide 5213 Sunset Blvd. 26 Male Black
Wallace Tope Wallace Tope 1993-11-24 Homicide 5510 W. Sunset Blvd. 54 Male White
Edward Anthony Travens Edward Anthony Travens 1992-04-29 Not riot-related San Fernando Road & San Fernando Mission Boulevard 15 Male White
Eduardo C. Vela Eduardo C. Vela 1992-04-29 Homicide 5100 block of West Slauson Avenue 33 Male Latino
Fredrick Ward Fredrick Ward 1992-05-02 Homicide 11932 Cometa Ave. 20 Male Black
Louis A. Watson Louis A. Watson 1992-04-29 Homicide 4365 S. Vermont Ave. 18 Male Black
Elbert O. Wilkins Elbert O. Wilkins 1992-04-30 Homicide Western Avenue & 92nd Street 33 Male Black
John H. Willers John H. Willers 1992-04-29 Homicide 10621 Sepulveda Blvd. 37 Male White
Willie Bernard Williams Willie Bernard Williams 1992-04-29 Death Gage & Western avenues 29 Male Black